How To Join Our Club

Take The Steps To Joining Our Club

STEP # 1 
Come visit our club make sure it is the right fit for your schedule. If you were invited by a club member make sure you ask all the necessary questions about our location, time and commitments. Talk with as many club members as you can to get a good feel about our club. Especially talk to our club president and learn more about Rotary International.
STEP # 2
Learn more about the Dr. Phillips Rotary Projects. Every club is different learn about what we are passionate about in our club, and the many wonderful local club projects we support. Service Above Self is our motto. Visit other clubs in the district to find the right one & see how we stack up.
STEP # 3 
If our club is everything that you hoped for then take the next step. Fill out an Application For Our Club and give it to our membership coordinator with your application fee. Our club will review your submission (2 weeks) and you will get a call if everything meets our club requirements.