Grant Application General

Criteria for Issuing Grants
  1. Organization must meet IRS requirements for “Not for Profit”status and furnish proof. (IRS Letter)
  2. Applications must be received before April 1st,stating the amount requested. (Grants are awarded in October). Our typical Grants range from $100 to $1,500.
  3. Description must detail how the funds will be used for the benefit of our Community. Preference will be given to organizations where assistance will best help our community.
The Submission should include:
a. Brief description of the organization and its activities including its Mission Statement
b. Explanation of how the funds will be used for the benefit of our Community
c. List of the governing Board,with their affiliations
d. Copy of current year budget
e. Copy of most recent determination letter from the IRS granting Federal Tax Exemption
f. A brief summary of how the funds will be used.
  1. Identify the Dr. Phillips Rotarian(s) who is/are actively involved in your charitable organization
You may download this form below to make a preliminary request. We will be in contact to discuss the need and give instructions for submitting the other necessary documentation.